Wednesday, March 5, 2014


This past weekend we finally got some snow!!
Well a mass majority was ice, but there was enough snow to make a 3 year old giddy! The hubs had a couple snow days and unfortunately had to go back in today. I am surprised we still have so much white stuff still outside, the roads are still iffy, so I am treating it like another snow day in my house!

We had a blast outside! Little man would probably never stop playing in it, if I let him. He loves any weather outside! When its raining he will not keep his hood on, because he loves it, just like he loves a good summer day outside. He is just like his daddy!

I couldn't get over these little boots and his snow covered booty! 

The boy could throw a good snowball at ya! 

I love how snow makes everything look so peaceful and pretty!

The hubs wanted me to take a picture of his truck in the snow! Silly man. 

Trying not slip on the snow/ice!

Eating snow! I wish I had made snow cream! Total fail on my part.

We definitely enjoyed out snow days! Now this stuff is welcome to stay around for a few more days, but it better be gone next Thursday when we make out trip to Virginia. Do not want to be driving in this mess.

Off to catch up on my DVR and enjoy this snow day! Have a beautiful Wednesday!

Much Love,

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Helena said...

There is nothing quite as magical as freshly lain snow!

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