Monday, February 24, 2014

IT'S A.....

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!

Almost everyone was suspecting us to have a little girl. I think it was mainly because everyone knew how much we would like to have a little girl one day. That time is not now and I am okay with that! (: I am pretty excited to be part of the boy mom club! Another little boy!! Another little guy for daddy to teach to fish and share the love of trains with his big brother! 

How far along? I asked the tech at Love my Baby if she could tell me how far along I am, and even though she can't measure all of little mister, she was able to measure his crown. 17 weeks and 4 days is what she got! Pretty spot on with the original due date, which I was surprised! I guess it is safe to go with 18 weeks! EK, I am almost half way through!

Size of baby? Chase is 5 1/2 inches long and weighs around 6-7 ounces! The size of a bell pepper!

What's happening in that tummy? His little ears are finally in the right position on his little head! Though I cannot feel too much yet, this little guy was kicking and moving all around in my tummy at the ultrasound. Some sneak peaks of the little guy on Saturday.

Swinging that umbilical cord all around. If anyone has ever thought about getting a 3D/4D ultrasound done, GO! This was the coolest experience I have ever experienced! It was so awesome that all of our family could tune in at the very same time from wherever they were and find out the gender with us! I am so happy so many were able to share this special moment with us! We all knew it was a boy when she first turned the ultrasound on!

Any movement? I haven't really felt too much lately.

Total weight gain? If anything, I have lost weight. We had a nasty stomach bug hit our house last week. I took care of the boys for two days and thought I was safe, and then low and behold I got hit by it. Luckily, I did not get it as bad as little man and the hubs, but it still sucked all the same.

Gender? BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cravings? I was craving something that I just remembered I craved with C.J.! KFC's mashed potatoes and gravy. Might have to go get me some tonight, when the hubs gets off.

Missing anything? Quiet time! Nothing really to do with being pregnant, but our little mister has been quite the mean kid lately. FYI...Terrible two's aren't really when they are two, they hit when they are three and it is not fun. I thought he was hitting terrible two's before,, these are definitely terrible two's. My pregnant hormones can't handle it.

Symptoms? The heartburn has shown up. Tum's are by the bedside and won't be leaving for some time!

Sleep? This morning around 3:30 am, little man thought it would be cool to fight sleep till almost 5:00 am, so daddy and I are sleepy today.

Maternity clothes? I did buy some maternity clothes last week. A shirt and a jacket/wrap thing. I am not sure what those sweater like things are called. Like the one I am wearing in the picture above ^^. I bought a thin black one that happened to be a maternity brand at Ross! The shirt is still like a tent on me, but I did rock the jacket a few times!

Belly button in or out? Still in (: 

Wedding rings on or off? On and don't plan on taking them off!

Bought anything for baby? YES! We went out the day of the ultrasound, and of course had to buy a few things! We also got our first pack of diapers for little Chase! Today, I plan on going through all of the baby clothes from C.J.! It is so hard not buying everything right now!

Our weekend was pretty special! I sure hope everyone else had a great one!

Much Love,

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Karla said...

Congrats again lady! The chalkboard looks FAB! =D

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