Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Today, looks like a good day for a picture overload! 
I have been slacking lately, on getting all the pictures I have taken the last month on my computer and edited. I know I am a big FAILURE :) My excuse....I am pregnant, if ya couldn't tell.

While We were in Virginia, the hubs went fishing. It never fails, the husband always get him some child free hours when we go up to VA. Anyways...he ended up catching a big enough one to end up in the Dinwiddie Monitor! How cute huh?

Of course, I got someone to send me the article, and she even laminated it for me! 
7 pounds 11 ounces!

This lucky dog, got another chance to go out and fish the day before we left and caught another 7 pound bass. He was talking about how he wanted to get it framed or whatever it's called. Yeah, no. It did happen. He knows, I will never allow an animal to put on our walls of our home. No matter how big of a fish it is.

He thought he was one cool guy, walking around in Pop's boat. He'd spend all day in that thing if I let him.

He found this nifty little fishing pole lighter. (No worries, there wasn't any lighter fluid in there!) He looks so cute trying to get the bass in the live well of the boat.

Just too cool for words!

Pop's catch and the hubs catch! ;)

Chance is still kind of skittish around fish. He thinks they are so cool to look at, but being close to it scares him. 

He's all curious at first....then daddy pulls it out and he starts back away.

No thanks dad! Haha. He is so silly. He walked away so fast, when that fish wasn't in that live well. I mean the thing is just as big as him.

I think that is the last bit of pictures from Virginia! It only took me 3 weeks to post them all, and it wasn't even that many. I will admit, I am just counting the days till our 4 day weekend with the husband/daddy. I don't know what we are going to do this weekend, but it will be a good weekend! Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday! So glad tomorrow is our Friday!!!!!!

Much Love,

Monday, April 14, 2014

25 weeks!

How far along? 25 weeks! Another week gone by too fast!

Size of baby? Size of an....

Little man is now about 13 and a half inches long and weighs 1 and half pounds! 

What's happening in that tummy? Did you know that at 25 weeks babies have little fingerprints now?!  His hair is growing even more, which explains the increase in heartburn. I know it can't be much hair on that little head, but it sure gives me some killer heartburn.

Any movement? Oh yes! Pretty hard too.

Total weight gain? I am sitting at 149. Ek..I have to constantly remind myself, I am pregnant! 14 pounds.


Cravings? PIZZA! Keep getting these darn Papa John's flyers in, and it is not helping me stay away.

Missing anything? Fitting into jeans. I can still fit into 2 pairs of my jeans, but its getting tougher to button. Oh, maternity jeans, I hate thee.

Symptoms? Typical symptoms...heartburn, sore feet and back, and my mind is lost. I am constantly walking into rooms, and forgetting why I went in there in the first place. Drives me crazy, since I am normally on top of things.

Sleep? A little better lately. I have been sleeping all the way till 5 or 6. Only downfall is I have a hard time deciding if I should just stay up or try to get an hour or so of sleep, before Chance wakes up. 

Maternity clothes? I was totally rocking a maternity shirt in this picture! My other shirts still look a little big on me. No jeans yet...putting that off as much as I can!

Belly button in or out? IN!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Bought anything for baby? Just a few things here and there. Time to start saving up for the big items now.

Moody? Eh, I have been kinda everywhere. Emotional, irritable, happy, nervous, anxious, a tad stressed. Typical crazy hormonal pregnant woman problems ;)

I sure hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Our weekend was a lot like last weekend, and I cannot complain! Except I did get a nasty sunburn. Will not be getting another one of those ever, ever again! It's been tough sleeping the last 2 nights. Other then that, 80 degrees and lots of sunshine is the best kind of weekend for us! Pictures to come this week! Time to get ready and do some unwanted grocery shopping and a trip out to Target as well! Have an awesome Monday!

Much Love,

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fun moments in Virginia

Today, has been one productive day for me thus far and its still early!
The husband was tossing and turning all night, which led to me being wide awake at 5:00 am this morning, when he was up getting ready. Instead of going to sleep I decided to stay awake, do a prenatal work out, and edit some pictures! Of course, the one day I stay awake instead of going back to sleep, my son sleeps in till 9! He hasn't done that in 3 weeks, so I am kinda peeved, but at least I got some stuff done this morning.

I wanted to share some random fun moments from our trip to Virginia today!

Some random moments at Nanny's :) I didn't take out my camera much there, because the lighting was against me getting a good picture.

He kept checking himself out in the mirror!

He stole Nanny's magnifying glass!

We were invited to this precious girls 2nd birthday! This little girl is just too cute for words. Her little chubby cheeks get me every time!

This handsome boy!

Karen caught this picture on her phone of Chance jumping in the air! Can we say perfect timing!!

I know this kid wished we had this in our backyard! He had a blast playing with the sand. We may have to look into a little sand box for the kid this summer!

Pure joy :)

He had some fun with the older boys as well, watching them roll down this steep hill.

He thought it was hilarious!

Last but not least...One last one of Miss Kay! :) Decked out in her tiara and her new Dora dress!

More tomorrow from the husband's fishing trips and little man having fun on the boat! The husband got himself in the Dinwiddie Monitor for catching a big fish. :)

Come on Friday! This momma is going to be praying some coffee gets me through the day. 
Have an awesome day!

Much Love,

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Good Weekend To Fish

This weekend was such a nice weekend! 
We went shopping with gift cards and spent some time outside at our favorite place!

I woke up Sunday and knew the boys would love to spend some time fishing at the pond, so we got ready and headed on down to Liberty Park!

I had a ton of nibbles, but no luck reeling in a fish.

After about an hour of no luck, the husband hit something! He said something about, "What the heck did I just hit?!", and the next thing I knew it he was reeling this pretty fish in!

Say hello to our little crappie fish :) Chance is still unsure about touching a fish. If only I could find the pictures I had of him holding a fish when we was 18 months old! He was not scared one bit, back then! We need to get the kid his own little kiddie fishing pole, because he started to get interested in it towards the end. He wanted to do it all by himself, but the poles are kinda heavy and he isn't the kindest little guy to a fishing pole. HAHA. Dad about had an hard attack when Chance tried to cast but threw the whole pole instead.

We then decided to take a little walk around Liberty park's boat ramp area, and I made sure to take my camera this round! Last time I completely forgot my camera and was so upset! 

I couldn't help but smile, when Chance grabbed daddy's hand. Nothing more special then that!

Had to stop and make the boys take pictures! We had to literally bribe the kid to say cheese.

He has a tendency to squint when someone is taking a picture. Sun in the eyes or not.

No idea what this plant is, but I sure thought it was neat looking!

We decided to sit on a bench and watch the boats pass by for a little while. Chance always trying to find a way to entertain us.

He is definitely his daddy's boy. Every time a boat sped past us, he had to stop what he was doing and watch!

What do you want mom!?

Boys and dirt! To think I will have another dirt loving boy coming along scares me.

Then last but not least!
I have a thing for trees.
Not sure why, but I enjoy taking pictures of them!

We left the park right when it started to get a little too cloudy for my liking. A good end, right before all the rain decided to hit. It's been a gloomy couple days. I hope it doesn't rain too much this Spring! 

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday! I have a couch that is being swallowed by 4 loads of clean laundry, that needs to be folded and put away.

Much Love,

Monday, April 7, 2014

6 months down!

How far along? 24 weeks! Its insane, we are 6 months through this pregnancy and I feel like we just found out last month. 3 months and I will be considered full term! How crazy is that? 

Size of baby? Size of an....

Lil Chase is almost 13 inches long and weighs one pound 4 ounces roughly. He is just one lean little guy in there

What's happening in that tummy? The baby's skin is wrinkly and if we were to look on at him, we would see his little eyebrows and eyelashes. I may start to feel this little guy in there hiccuping! I remember when Chance would hiccup away in my tummy. I always loved it.

Any movement? Oh yes, all the time! Even as I type this he is kicking me.

Total weight gain? No change this week, but I feel like I have gained a ton. I am starting to feel bigger every day. It's starting to take a toll on my back.


Cravings? Coffee! I got some creamer yesterday, that I can't wait to try out! :)

Missing anything? Energy and motivation! I have been wanting to work out so bad, but after dealing with a cranky 3 year old most days, I am so exhausted and can't seem to make myself pull out my hand weights and put in my prenatal workout DVD.

Symptoms? Sore feet and sore back. Thankfully, my awesome husband helps me out and will rub my sore feet and my sore back when I ask him nicely :)

Sleep? 2:30 is my new internal alarm lately. I pee, and then just lay there tired as crap, but can't get myself to fall asleep. I hope my renewed found love of coffee helps me out in this department.

Maternity clothes? I have rocked a couple maternity shirts lately. I can't seem to go out in those maternity pants though. They still kind of fit funny, plus I have 2 pairs of jeans that still fit! I am going to try to keep that way as long as I can!

Belly button in or out? IN!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Bought anything for baby? Yes, quite a bit actually! We got a teething cover for the crib rail. Someone left some ugly little teeth marks for his next sibling to add to, and we can't have that. It will make the crib look brand new. Next thing we are buying is a car seat!! We found the perfect one, now its time to save up and go get it.

Moody? Not really. At least I don't think so ;)

After filling this out, I am still in shock! I can't believe how fast the time is going! I know I will probably say this 50 more times in the next 3 months. The time is slipping away from us, and I do not feel prepared at all. I am probably more prepared then I think I am, but I just want everything perfect for this little ones arrival! I can't help but look at the clothes we have received or bought, and dream of a little guy named Chase in them! To hold a newborn again! I love holding babies that are just a months or so old. It's hard to hold my 3 year old like that, and he wouldn't let me, even if I tried! I sure do miss those baby days, and to think we will be experiencing it all again, makes me so excited!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. It is kind of a gloomy day, but I plan to make it a productive day! 

Much Love,

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Baby Shower Fun!

I am so thankful for the awesome gifts that we received for Baby Chase, while we were in Virginia!
I cannot wait to put all the gifts to use!

I didn't have a dedicated picture taker at the shower, unfortunately. Not everyone was able to come to the shower, and my friend was put on bed rest the previous day, so that day was not in our favor at all. Even with all the chaos going on, we still managed to have a great day! I am so thankful for a friend like Danielle and her mom! They were determined for me to have this baby shower no matter the circumstances. We had a great time, eating tacos at a fave Mexican restaurant, and spending time with family. 

Here are some photos that I did manage to get, or had the husband get. 

Chance started the day a little cranky, unfortunately. 

Eventually, he got out of his mood and played with Bentley. The boys were in no way interested in any baby shower activities. 
Little Kaylee had a blast jumping with the boys!

Bentley and Chance were both rocking the bright orange shirts! (:

 Aunt Susan (aka BOO) and her daughter Krystal! Susan got me the cutest diaper bag! Even the husband was okay with it, even with the girly like design on it! :)

We did manage to play one baby shower game, Baby Bingo! Is it bad that I struggled filling up all those boxes with baby things? Ya think after already having one kid, I should've been on top of things. Yeah...not so much! ;) 

I will have to blame the husband on picture taking, he did not do a very good job at getting pictures. Love the guy but out of the thirty or so pictures, there was only 2 pictures of present opening.

Yesterday, I spent the morning going through all the things we got from family while we were in Virginia. 

I pulled out everything and I was in awe! Thank you all for all the wonderful gifts! There is one thing missing from the picture and that is the awesome diaper genie from my friend Danielle and a couple gift cards, that I have not had a chance to spend yet. I cannot say thank you enough to all of our family and my awesome friend Danielle! We had to pack the car down tight to bring home all of the awesome gifts! Now its time to buckle down and get the big items on our lists. We have 3 months to get everything together for this little guy. Where on earth has the time gone? I am starting to freak out a little. HAHA

Hope everyone has a great day. Just one more day to get through till the weekend! I can't wait! Time to raid my baby registries and see what I am in need of and what I really don't need, but so want! :)

Much Love,

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