Monday, July 21, 2014



"Dear Baby Chase,
You have 1 week to leave the premises.
Mom, Dad, and Big Brother"

I am so sorry I have not been doing a good job with doing my weekly bump update! I don't remember why I didn't do a 37 week update, and 38 weeks was just a very long yet nerve wrecking week for us. I had an appointment and though baby seemed fine, my blood pressure was high and just wouldn't get any lower then 145. It was like a flash back to when I was pregnant with Chance. My blood pressure always runs a little higher and is always border line, but after checking it 3 times, I had to get blood work done and was sent home with a 24 hour pee test to return the following day. If you don't know, high blood pressure is one of the few signs for preeclampsia or developing preeclampsia. It was a nerve wrecking week, waiting by the phone. The doc told me, no news is a good news. Well, after waiting all week, we got no call! Thank goodness! I was not ready for Chase to come just yet. 38 weeks is still a week too early for me. Now I am 39 weeks and he is now allowed to come any day now! :)

How far along? 39 weeks! 7 days till due date. When do you think this little guy is going to make his debut?????

Size of baby? He is roughly 20 inches long from head to toe, and weighs 7.25 lbs <-- 7="" am="" enough="" find="" guess="" guessing="" guy="" how="" i="" is.="" is="" lbs.="" little="" not="" out="" p="" round="" since="" smaller="" so="" soon="" still="" sure="" that="" this="" true="" under="" will="">

What's happening in that tummy? He is still growing layers of fat to help control his little body temperature at birth. Most of the vernix and the lanugo that covered his body has disappeared. He is ready to brace us with his presence!

Any movement? A lot of rib cage kicking and pushing. Also a lot of pressure on my poor hips. Definitely making it quite tough to even sit comfortably.

Total weight gain? I have gained only a pound or so since a few weeks ago. I think the weight gaining has calmed down from here on. 30-32 lbs gained thus far. 


Cravings? Sonic's half priced shakes after 5 pm. Why must they do that to me? It has taken everything in me not to drive up to sonic every night the last few days. Then there is Dr. Pepper. Ya thought I had an addiction when I wasn't pregnant, you have no idea! Thank fully we don't go out to eat or anything much or I'd be a goner!

Missing anything? Being able to walk without any pains. I will elaborate more in the next question.

Symptoms? HIP PAINS WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME! This is a new pain, that I am not familiar with. My first pregnancy, I did not deal with this. I have to watch how I walk or this random spasm will hit me full force. Almost making me drop to the floor right there in the middle of Target and just chilling there for a bit. It sucks. I do not like to complain much but I can't help it when it comes to this crap. I am okay if I walk straight and don't do any side steps or sudden turns. I almost have to march like a soldier in order to avoid these pains. So much fun.

Sleep?  I wake up every 2 hours to pee. I just keep thinking, this is preparing me for late night feedings. I can do this!

Maternity clothes? All the time! I am actually quite sad that I won't be able to pull this shirt off in the picture after I have little man. It is my favorite!

Belly button in or out? Slightly pushing out on the side. How is that possible you ask? No idea, but my poor belly button is lopsided. 

Wedding rings on or off? Still on, for the most part. I can't fall asleep with them on or I will not be able to take them off or feel my finger for that matter.

Bought anything for baby? We actually went out a couple days ago and got one important thing for our little guy.

The coming home outfit!!! We had such a hard time finding the perfect outfit. Boys are tough. I can pick out a million cute outfits for a girl but a boy is a little harder. Then I saw this last week when I went out with some friends to Target, and I about died! Call me a nerd but suspenders and bow ties are just so stinkin' cute! Thanks to my parents for giving us the money to go get this cute outfit.

Then last night I went out and enjoyed an evening with some awesome friends for a little Baby Fiesta at Guacamole ( A Mexican restaurant, with the best cheese sauce in the world!)
The adorable Kelsea made placement cards for us, because a party isn't a party without a little decoration! Haha I just love it!

I got some awesome gifts from these awesome ladies. A robe to rock in the hospital, a huge box of diapers, baby wipes, gift card, baby bath essentials, teething rings, the famous keys that kids love so much, and this stress relief sugar scrub from Bath & Body Works! I cannot express how thankful I am for these ladies! I was so worried that I would never find really great friends being in this military life, especially friends that our husbands all get along well with! I can't wait for Chase to join this crazy group of friends!

How are we feeling? I am seriously so excited! All my worries the last couple weeks have faded into just pure excitement! Of course, I am still kinda freaked out that I will be having a baby any day now, but having the support from friends and family makes it all ten times easier! All arrangements for Chance are taken care of. Bags are all almost packed. Well the baby's bag is done and taken care of. I just gotta get mine, the husband's together, and of course a cool sleepover bag for Chance! I want him to be super comfortable for his first sleepover with his friends, equipped with all is favorite things and snacks to share! The husband and I were sitting in the nursery when the hubs says, "Man, I am excited!" Call me a sap, but that just melted my heart! I get so caught up in my own emotions, that sometimes I have no idea what is going on in my husband's mind. I think once I heard him say that, all the nervousness floated away!

What does big brother think of baby brother? He has been asking when Baby Chase is coming out. I think he is excited to meet this little guy. I am still a little nervous for them to meet, but I know he will be the very best big brother. Come on, Baby Chase! I know many people that are all so eager to meet you!

7 days till due date! Tomorrow I have an appointment, so pray that my blood pressure is normal and everything looks good! Hope everyone has one amazing day!


Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July Fun!

Monday, you came way to fast!
Even though it was a long weekend, I feel like we all deserved another day or two to enjoy it, don't you?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day and got to spend time with friends and family! This 4th of July will not be forgotten.

We got together with some great friends, had a cookout, ate smores, and set off some fireworks! I plugged my SD card in this morning and was amazed to see that I had taken over 600 photos. CRAZY! I somehow managed to boil down all the funky or unwanted photos to about 30. On to the picture dump load :) I still have photos to get from the husband's phone as well, so I will be posting some of those this week too!

I got a bunch of fun stuff for the kiddos to have a blast!

A little prepping before the cookout!

I, of course, had to take a selfie!

Happy Birthday America!

We started the holiday with a little pool fun!

Partners in crime!

Just as happy as can be!

They sat like this while they ate their dino chicken, just talking away. The bestest buds!

Of course, we had to get a group shot of us girls! 

He jst looked so cute sitting in the little lawn chair, minding his own business.

Finally, it started getting a little darker out, so we decided to let the kids have some fun with pop its, sparklers, snakes, little color bombs, and a few other not so dangerous firework fun!

POP ITS! My most favorite part of 4th of July!

I think this one was Chance's favorite!

The guys may have been having more fun then the kids. 

The boys enjoyed watching the guys have their fun.

Chance wasn't too keen on the sparklers at first, so I didn't get any of him with one on my camera before it became to dark. Luckily, this fella let me snap a photo!! 

I was able to sneak a photo of Mrs. Kelsea with the flag :)

I made the kids run around the yard with the flag, attempting to get a few good ones! Man, kids are so tough photographing sometimes! I was able to get a few cute ones though.

Muddy jeans and John Deer boots.

A little photoshop fun with this little guy!

Mr. Hank!

These two were so intrigued by the fireworks. I had fun just watching them!

We had a great night full of laughter and good food!
I am glad we had some awesome friends to enjoy this holiday with! There may be an incident of a rogue firework trying to chase a couple of the guys that night. I still laugh every time I watch the video clip we were able to capture!

More pictures later this week to come involving sparklers. I am not to great with night photography so they are all on the husband's phone. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and that their Monday goes pretty fast!

Much Love,

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hello JULY!

I haven't done this link up in forever!

Hello July,
Goodbye June!

Hello Summer
Goodbye Spring
(Even though it surely hasn't been too Spring feeling out)

Hello Red, White, &Blue!
This silly boy of mine :)

Hello BBQ's, sparklers, bonfires, smores', and amazing friends to enjoy the holidays with

Hello bug spray
Goodbye mean mosquitos, Oh how I hate thee!

Hello due date at the end of this month
Hello freakout session!

Countdown Widgets

Hello nursery
Goodbye guest room

Hello hot, humid weather
Goodbye outdoor world, while I retreat to the AC

Hello flat hair
Goodbye good hair days

Hello big baby bump
Goodbye feet

I will try and give attention when I can actually see you again

Hello pool fun
Goodbye pale skin
(even I have been able to get some color)

Hello dreadful flip flop tan lines, that I cannot seem to get rid of

Hello 1/2 price shakes at Sonic!

Goodbye June, you were fun while it lasted

BUT, Hello July, I have been looking forward to you for some time now!

I seriously cannot believe it is July!!!
I am super excited, yet super nervous!
I will be having a baby this month!


I hope everyone has one amazing weekend!!
Today is our Friday!
Can't wait to spend the 4th with awesome friends!
Stay safe :)

Much Love,

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

OH.EM.GEE. He's Running Out Of WOMB!

How far along? 36 weeks! Oh my gosh, is this for real? Am I seriously about to have another baby in a few weeks? Who's freaking out a little?!

You know its almost baby time, when you get the infamous parking pass! I can now park in those spots at the hospital, that are always full anyways! I also got my pre-admission paper work all done, so now all I have to do is go into labor and delivery. I just got super scared!

Size of baby? Little man is roughly 18.7 inches long and weighs just under 6 pounds! Let's hope he doesn't get much bigger from here on out! No 10 pound baby's for me, please!

What's happening in that tummy? His skin is becoming more soft and smooth, just like the saying "softer then a baby's bottom". His liver and kidney are all in working order and ready for the big world.

Any movement? Yep, he is still kicking away in there. I keep trying to see if I can get one of those cool pictures of the baby's footprint through my tummy No luck yet.

Total weight gain? I have hit the 30 mark. Ek!


Cravings? I craved Cheeto Puff's last week. Practically, ate a whole bag to myself. I am slightly embarrassed to admit that. HAHA. Lately, I have had the problem with finding something that actually sounds good to eat. I eat, but nothing actually tastes that great anymore!

Missing anything? Sleeping comfortably. Last night I passed out on the couch, simply because I could not get comfortable in bed. It is a sad day when your couch is more comfortable. I actually woke up at 3:30 am with no pains or stiffness! Even though my bed does feel all nice and cool, I think I may find myself on the couch more often.

Symptoms? Last week I battled with a sore and painful knee. I guess my knees were tired of holding this extra weight. So, I spent a couple days like this...It was a nice excuse to catch up on my DVR!
I also experienced acid reflux for the first time! Most horrible thing to ever wake up to out of a deep sleep in the middle of the night. I haven't had it since, THANK GOODNESS, and I hope I never do! I feel awful for those who have to deal with acid reflux. It is definitely no fun.

Sleep? What sleep?! I am pretty much tired all the time now. 

Maternity clothes? Yep, I have been rocking nothing but maternity. Except the capris in this picture, still fit! :)

Belly button in or out? IN! :) Sometimes Chase is positioned weird in there and makes it bulge out funny though. 

Wedding rings on or off? On, but this humidity is making it tough lately. My hands and feet always seem to swell a little after being outside for a little bit.

Bought anything for baby? Wow, actually not much the last couple weeks. We got a nice box in from my favorite Aunt with a bunch of adorable outfits, that I cannot wait to see this little guy in! Other than that awesome box, its just been small things here and there!

How are we feeling? I am not sure about the husband but I am starting to freak a little! We have everything to be prepared for little guy's arrival, but I am not so sure I am mentally prepared! I was induced with Chance, so I knew when I was going to have him. With this little guy, I can have him any day now, and I am getting a little nervous! I am also worried about big brother! He will be having his first ever sleep over at our good friend's house here, when we have to go to the hospital. I trust these people and know he is in wonderful hands but I can't help but wish I could be at two places at once. I just hope he doesn't worry and has so much fun on his first ever sleep over with friends! On top of that we still have no idea if any family will be visiting or not to help with Chance in case I have to spend more nights in the hospital then I'd like. Needless to say this momma is stressing out to the max, and just wishes my parents weren't all the way in Korea! Darn you military life. Thank God that we have met some pretty great people here that have offered to help in any way they can. I am so blessed to have such good friends in our lives!

What does big brother think of baby brother? I am not sure if Chance fully understands that we will be having an actual real live baby in the house soon. He loves to go hang out in Chase's room and talk about "Baby Chase". He even poked out his belly a couple weeks ago and said "Baby Chase, in my belly!" Of course, I corrected him, but it is always cute when a little boy thinks the baby is in their tummy! He also likes to give baby "raspberry kisses" and thinks its the most hilarious thing in the world. I do believe he will be a great big brother and can't wait to see his reaction! Hopefully, its a good one!

27 days left till due date!
Let's take a poll...
When do you think Baby Chase will make his debut??

Tell me your thoughts :)
Have an awesome day!
Much Love,

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